Christine & Chris, From Rochester, NY
We Adopted!

Congratulations on your adoption finalization!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our adoption agency profile. We are Christine, Chris, and Benjamin, and we live in the Greater Rochester NY Area. Our family is grounded in love, respect, and support for one another. We enjoy finding fun all around us, sharing life’s adventures, and growing together. We adopted our son, Benjamin, in 2016, and we are so excited to grow our family again.

While we do not know your specific circumstances, we can imagine that your situation is far more difficult than exciting. Please know that we deeply appreciate how challenging this process is. We wish you strength and peace as you move forward with your decisions.

We hope this profile gives you a sense of how grateful we would be to nurture and unconditionally love a baby if you choose to make an adoption plan with us. We would gladly welcome the opportunity to get to know you and share more about our family.

— Christine, Chris, & Benjamin