Looking to Expand our Long Beach, NY Family by Adopting a Baby!

Greetings from New York! We are a fun, travel loving couple who come from two different backgrounds, but share many values. We look forward to adopting a baby. An addition to our family would bring even more meaningful purpose to our travels, adventures, and exploration of different cultures, as well as our own personal cultures. Over the last eleven years, our relationship has grown through travel, experience, understanding, and communication.

Cindy enjoys the occasional relaxed day with a book or a TV show, but her secret love is fishing. Tina is very athletic and prefers to spend her time outdoors. We have both really enjoyed moving to our home in Long Beach, NY. Being able to go for runs in the mornings or late in the afternoon on the boardwalk or by the beach is a beautiful experience. Luckily our house has a small fenced-in yard where our dog Nova is able to let most of her energy out.

Both our extended families are big, full of character, and loving. We are close to Tina’s parents in Long Island and that makes it a bit easier to spend time with them as they enjoy their retirement years. Cindy’s family lives in south Texas and show us that south Texas hospitality whenever we come to visit. Our friendships are also diverse in geography, character, and family makeup. Through our community, travels, and work, we are fortunate enough to have met very loving and supportive friends.

Thank you for considering us while you’re making this important decision. While we don’t know how difficult this choice must be for you, we want you to know that any baby we are blessed to raise as part of our family will know our unconditional love.

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Nassau County, NY

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