We Are A Couple From Brooklyn, New York Hoping To Adopt A Baby!

Hello and thank you for visiting our adoption profile!

We are Derek and Gaspare, a loving and caring couple residing in Brooklyn, New York. We admire your resilience and determination as you contemplate the possibility of creating an adoption plan for your child. We are deeply impressed and humbled by the strength and courage of pregnant individuals and birth parents navigating this complex and personal journey.

Our hope is that you feel supported and comfortable throughout this process. We are here to offer you whatever assistance you may need, whether it be a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, or simply information about adoption.

We are ready and excited to expand our family through adoption. If given this opportunity, we promise to provide the child we adopt with support in pursuing their interests and dreams, making them feel safe, and giving them the roots needed to develop resilience and perspective for facing life’s difficulties. 

Our hope is that our adoption profile will provide insight into who we are as a couple and share why we would be a good fit in parenting a child. We are available if you have any questions!

With Love,

Gaspare & Derek