Loving Brooklyn, NY Couple Would be Honored to Adopt Your Baby!

Hi there! We are Dori and Heather from Brooklyn, New York. We have been dreaming of adopting for many years and take the decision to adopt a baby very seriously. It is a privilege and an honor. We don’t know your story, but we can only imagine what is going through your mind as you read through adoption profiles. We are sincerely grateful that you are taking this time to consider us. Our first priority is to honor your decisions.

After meeting in 2009 in college near Boston, MA, we became close friends. We are now happily married since 2016. As a couple, we share the most important quality: supporting each other in whatever adventure each person wants to embark on next.

Dori grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia. She works part-time as a music therapist at an enrichment and activity center for children and adults with special needs. She is an avid reader and looks forward to chunks of free time for reading whatever books she has picked up from the library that week. Dori also likes to go for long walks and bike rides, appreciating nature and finding delicious food around the city to enjoy.

Heather is a public defender, representing low-income clients. Heather’s compassionate and empathetic presence is a large part of what has made her thrive at her job as a public defender. She enjoys all kinds of travel and loves amusement parks. She goes annually to DisneyWorld with her sister and our niece and nephew.

We can also be pretty goofy people. After all these years, we somehow manage to keep each other laughing loud enough to fill our whole home. Every day we sing and dance along to our favorite songs.

Family is very important to us. Dori is very close with her parents and brother who live in Long Island. Dori’s brother Aaron is also a very important part of our life and has been one of the most important people in Dori’s life ever since he was adopted and joined the family as a baby. Dori has two sets of grandparents that are a major part of her life and upbringing as well. Heather is incredibly close with her sister, Ali, who has two children (Aria and Zack). We enjoy going to their house in New Jersey and playing with Aria and Zack, who like to dance, do origami, draw, bake, read, and play games. We also enjoy snow tubing with our niece and nephew.

Our friends are also like family to us. We share many college friends who have seen us through the past decade. We live near to some of our closest friends here in Brooklyn and we also love to travel to visit friends who are not here. Dori has friends from childhood in Charlottesville, Virginia, college, and graduate school. These intimate friends are loving and supportive. Heather similarly has friends from every stage of her life but she is especially close with her friends from childhood in New Jersey.

We have been living in the Brooklyn area of Bedford-Stuyvesant since 2015. We moved to NYC from the Boston-area in order to be closer to our families and friends, who mostly live in the tri-state area (New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey). We live in a great neighborhood, a bit further away from busy Manhattan, so our street is relatively quiet. We can hear birds chirping and enjoy a cup of tea from our porch. We have a great apartment with a giant comfy couch, room to do yoga and dance, and a spare bedroom. Our home is full of warmth, openness, laughs, music, games, and more.

We are humbled by the time you have taken to learn about us and consider us. Though we hope to meet you, get to know you, and answer any questions you might have, we respect your decision above all else. We know it may sound corny, but we feel extremely privileged to have such a wonderful life together and are eager to welcome a child into it. We have a lot of love to give to a child and, while we are waiting, we are sending that love to you on your journey.

With love and Gratitude,

— Heather & Dori

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