Family in Colorado Looking to Adopt a Baby to Join our Happy Home!

Hello from Colorado! We are Lauren, Isaac, and Harriet. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and to embrace into our family another child to laugh with, go on adventures with, and cuddle with at night while reading a bedtime book.

Please know that we respect your bravery and respect your judgement in deciding what is right for your child. We have all of the love in the world for you and your child, and we support you and the decisions that you make. These choices you are making are impossibly difficult, and our hearts go out to you during this time.

Our Story: We met on an internet date in 2014 and pretty much knew right away that we were a match. We are definitely opposites who attracted! Isaac is calm, practical, and organized. Lauren is outgoing, adventurous, and always up to something new. We bonded over our shared interest in family, building a home together, and service to our community. A couple years after we met we got married, and we welcomed our daughter Harriet in 2017.

We have a lot of love to give, and a lot of laughs to share. We have a very happy home, and we would love to welcome another child into our family. We cook and eat meals together, spend a lot of time outside, visit with friends and family, make art, and just enjoy each other’s company. We also take vacations to new places a couple times each year. We encourage each other to grow, thrive, and be the best people we can be.

About Lauren, as written by Isaac: “Lauren is the smartest person in the room. She has worked hard at her education and career, and it shows. She got a Masters from one of the best universities, and she worked on her PhD during pregnancy and finished it in the year after giving birth to our daughter. Lauren is incredibly passionate, funny, and outgoing. She is the spice and the glue in our family. Lauren is constantly taking Harriet on fun adventures. She is quick to laugh with Harriet; or when Harriet is sad, she is also there to hug and cry with her. Lauren is at her happiest when she is with her friends and family. She makes my life more interesting and better, and I love her for that.”

About Isaac, as written by Lauren: “Isaac is the best person I’ve ever met. He is kind to his core. He is smart, funny, caring, and has the best laugh. He loves baseball, grilling, and video games, and is really good at math. Isaac has somehow found a way to be ambitious and successful at his job while also being supportive and present with his family. Isaac is also an incredible dad. He is patient, loving, and calm. He never gets mad or even frustrated. He is always available for Harriet, whether he is rocking her to sleep, playing dolls, or listening to her very long stories. Isaac is just the best, and we are all so lucky he is part of our family.”

About Harriet: Harriet is funny, smart, and caring. She is sunshine in our lives. She is very sensitive to how other people feel and is eager to help friends, parents, and teachers any way possible. Harriet loves being around people, whether playing with friends or talking to adults. She is also very happy playing Legos or reading a book by herself. Harriet loves dresses and fancy shoes, and she will usually have multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day. She also loves wearing her Blue Jays baseball hat and playing basketball or wrestling with dad.

Our Home: In 2019 we bought the cutest renovated bungalow. Our house is simple and cozy, but spacious. We have five bedrooms, a playroom, a nice back yard, and a garage full of bikes and toys. Our cat Franklin is the king of our house. Weighing in at almost 20 pounds, he is a true big old love bug. He is a very special member of our family. Our town is small and cute. We are close to Denver and Boulder, and we spend time enjoying the city every week. We live a couple of blocks off the Main Street, which has an old timey feel to it. The town has lots of parks — we can walk to five playgrounds right from our house! We are three blocks from a very good elementary school and a half mile from the middle school. Our town is small and is a tight-knit community. We live in a great part of Colorado where we can do things every day that most people would consider a vacation. We hike, swim, ski, and explore most days.

Our Family: Even though everyone lives far away, we see each other several times a year, and facetime almost every day. We are all very close. Lauren’s mom lives on an island in Maine, and we spend a few weeks there every summer, swimming and playing by the ocean — and Isaac always eats a lobster. Lauren’s dad and stepmom live in Philadelphia, and we try to visit there at least once a year. We love seeing Philadelphia family and friends and exploring the city. Lauren’s brother Adam and his wife live in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Isaac was born in Colorado but grew up in Fiji, the islands in the South Pacific. His parents and sisters still live there. Isaac also has a brother, sister-in-law, and nephew in Arizona, and a sister in Brooklyn, New York. Three of Isaac’s siblings were adopted. We try to see everyone as often as we can. We video chat often, and Harriet gets to see her four cousins and talk about the movies Frozen and Moana.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our adoption agency profile and for learning how our family might fit with your plans. We have a warm and loving home ready for another burst of sunshine, and we thank you for considering us. We respect you and your decisions. We are in awe of your bravery. And we support you fully.

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