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Hey! We’re Joel, Janna, and Zeke, from Brooklyn, NY. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. We have often talked about what motivates us to be parents. Our reasons are not unique but they are genuine. Simply put, we have a lot of love to give and want to expand our family. Our desire is to be unconditional with our love and raise each child to be their own person. Thank you for your consideration.

As a couple, our paths first crossed because of our love for music. Janna noticed Joel when he was singing and playing guitar in a rock band. We hit it off one particular weekend and it’s been “us” ever since. We love hosting people, channeling our creative passions, and exploring new places and experiences. There is laughter and sass when we are together. Our desire is to continue growing our family and the love we all share with one another. In 2019 we expanded our family and adopted our son, Zeke.

About Joel, as written by Janna: “Joel grew up outside of Washington D.C., in Northern Virginia. Growing up, he enjoyed music in school and started a rock band with his best friend in the tenth grade. After ten years in the band, Joel moved on, fell in love, and ended up in Brooklyn, NY to be with me. Joel loves the outdoors, including hiking, rock climbing and the beach. Day to day, Joel is genuine, insightful, and gentle but also a smart aleck. He’s not afraid to get lost in deep conversation talking about feelings and life. He is relational and deep, but also quick to laugh at himself. Joel currently works as a Software Engineer, making iPhone apps. When he’s not coding, he’s working out or playing guitar. Our son, Zeke adores him. He is always teaching Zeke new things. They have fun at the playground going down the big slide together and also kicking the soccer ball around.”

About Janna, as written by Joel: “Janna grew up mostly in South Jersey so she’s a ‘Jersey Girl’. She always engaged in the performing arts, whether it was acting or modeling. She also enjoyed being a part of the community and volunteering her time to help others. Janna is kind and tenderhearted while also a fierce advocator and protector. She continues to impress me in the way she’s able to earn people’s respect, especially in the work that she does everyday. She works as a Director of Event Production who throws parties and events for a living. Janna loves art, makeup, culture, fashion, gardening, and the beach. Janna is always sincerely interested in the lives of those around her and enjoys taking care of them — it’s one of her best qualities. Most of all, she’s an amazing Mama. She’s always reminding Zeke how much she loves him and how much she cares.”

About Zeke: Zeke brings love, energy, and laughter to our home everyday. He is inquisitive, loves racing his cars, loves to explore, and climb. He is a busy boy entering toddlerhood. Everyday he’s saying a new word or counting even higher than the day before. He loves to listen to music, especially his latest favorite Disney soundtrack (currently Frozen I or II). He’s also a big fan of stacking blocks, coloring, and playing with water. He also likes to say the word “funny” when something makes him laugh. Zeke also enjoys playing with other kids, and is very social. Anytime he is with other kids, we see him light up. We know he is going to be a great big brother.

Our Home and Cats: We have lived in Brooklyn, NY for quite some time. Our apartment gets a lot of natural light and have lots of different green plants in the house. Our decor is victorian and gothic. We have tried to make our home representative of who we are while also being a place we can retreat to and feel safe after a long day. Our place is located only a handful of subway stops from Manhattan. We are close to a subway stop, five bodegas, and two pizzerias with the same name (all within a two block radius). Even though we live in a busy city, we nicknamed our home “Castlevania”, because it is high enough to be a quieter place where we can relax with Zeke and our two cats, Dracula and Gomez. They are thirteen year old hairless Sphynx cats — brothers from the same litter born on Halloween. They are truly a part of the family sleeping with us in their regular spots every night. Their favorite time of the day is when Zeke feeds them his dinner.

Our Neighborhood is diverse and each block has its own vibe and character. There is a beautiful church nearby that plays its bells on Sundays. One of our favorite places to eat is a popular vegan restaurant that just happens to be on our block. Our go-to bodega has great sandwiches and we enjoy saying hi and catching up with everyone that works there. There are a few different playgrounds within walking distance where we often take Zeke to play. There are also so many activities like art class, soccer camp, botanical gardens, museums, the zoo and the aquarium.

Our Family is important to us and a part of who we are. We have family members in Virginia, Indiana, southern New Jersey, and Delaware. We love visiting our family and watching Zeke play with his cousins. Our experiences with our families continue to teach us we are all different and similar at the same time. We have always been set apart in our looks and some of our interests but those differences keep life engaging. Families on both sides have been extremely supportive of our journey to be parents. We are very grateful for their support and love them very much. They are all looking forward to meeting the next family member. Friends are a very important part of our lives as well.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our adoption agency profile. We have so much love to give and share. While it’s hard to know us, we hope this brief look at who we are lets you know our sincere desire to raise another little human. We appreciate the decisions you’re considering and hope we can help.

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