We Are Ready to Adopt A Baby and Grow our Hudson Valley, NY Family!

Hello from Upstate New York! Thank you for reading our adoption profile as you consider adoption as one of your options for you and your baby. We realize that you may be scared right now and unsure how to pick an adoptive family for your baby. If chosen, we promise to provide your child with love, opportunities, care, and support. We will help them develop new skills and relationships as they grow into an adult.

About Us:

As a couple, we have been together for eleven years, and it’s been the best years of our lives. We met in 2010 at a birthday party and got married in 2014 on the Delaware River in the Poconos! In late 2015 we were overjoyed to welcome Benjamin into our lives. We have only grown more in love since then. We provide balance in each other’s lives and thus are a good parenting and life partnership. Our partnership bringing up Benjamin is also well balanced, with both of us taking on equal responsibilities and working together to encourage learning, growth, and good discipline.

As a family, we enjoy a variety of fun activities while traveling and at home. As parents, we both believe that travel is important to help learn about the world and create cultural awareness. Since having Ben we’ve enjoyed taking him to places like California, Long Beach Island (LBI), Chicago, Club Med in Florida, and Mimi’s beach house in Lewes, Delaware. We also enjoy vacationing with our extended family and friends.

Family is very important to us, and we hope to soon adopt a baby and begin the next chapter in our family’s lives.

About Jessica, as described by Sam:

“Jessica is a fantastic mother and wife. She is kind, thoughtful, and fun. She is caring, and packs Ben a lunch every morning, gets him dressed, and takes him to school. She also reads to Ben nightly as part of our bedtime routine. She is also a very social person who loves going to concerts and plays. She joined the theater club in college. Jessica grew up in Western NY, in a small town near Buffalo. She moved to the NY Capital Region for college, where she majored in Mechanical Engineering. Ever since Junior High, she has always wanted to put her Engineering skills to good use for the planet and is happy to have a career she loves in the Wind Power industry! She has worked at GE in the Wind Energy field for over a decade. Her career is very important to her. Jessica is also a good role model for women. She volunteers at several organizations, such as WRISE (a group for Women in the Renewable Energy industry), CapSci (A local Science Advocacy group, organizer of the Albany March for Science), and The Learning Lab (A Diversity discussion group at her work). Jessica has great character. She is honest, smart, sensitive, and funny. She is great around kids and creates activities where everyone will have fun. Jessica is a great mom to Benjamin and will also be a great mother to the child we adopt.”

About Sam, as described by Jessica:

“Sam grew up in Bucks County, PA, and moved to New York Albany area after college. His degree is in Electrical Engineering and he is currently building his own business, developing consumer products. Sam loves inventing, tinkering, and prototyping, and is happy he can pursue this passion as an entrepreneur. I have been impressed with his dedication and work. He is always striving to come up with new ideas, learn and build his skills. He renovated a 100+ year-old house, which he rents out to local university students. Sam also takes pride in volunteering for the community. He was the driving force in building a 9-hole disc golf course in the city we previously lived in. Sam stays in touch with his college and high school friends, while also being quickly welcomed into my local friend group. He also very naturally became friends with all our neighbors after we moved. The most important thing to know about Sam is his outlook on life — even when things aren’t perfect, he reminds Ben and me to be grateful for the wonderful life we have together. Family is the most important thing to Sam, and I know he will be a great Dad to the child we adopt.”

About Benjamin:

Ben is an energetic, caring, smart and loving 5-year-old! He makes friends naturally and cares for his classmates. Ben loves to laugh and to make people laugh! He often does silly things like making up jokes and funny stories. He is a joyful Kindergartener with lots of interests and a loving personality. His favorite subjects to learn about are science, dinosaurs, space, art, and Greek mythology. He is learning to play Chess and taking care of his own plants in the garden this summer (strawberries and watermelon). He is always up for going to the playground, riding bikes or playing soccer with his friends in the neighborhood. His favorite toys are Legos, vehicles, card and board games. He has a very artistic side too — he loves to make art projects and listen to music. He also loves being read to, and we read for over an hour every night — first with Grandma or Grandpa on Zoom, and then with Mommy. Ben wants to become a big brother through adoption so much! We know he will be great playing with the baby, sharing his things, and being very loving towards them. He is excited to get the baby some toys.

About Our Home and Community in the Hudson Valley, NY:

We live in the New York Capital Region — our home is located just south of Albany. We love our house, neighborhood, and town, and know we can provide a great life here for the child we adopt. We enjoy our house so much and feel grateful to have found it! It is a split level built in the 1960s with recent updates for modern needs. In the summer we spend lots of time on our screened-in-porch and eat almost all our dinners there. In the winter we stay cozy in front of the antique wood stove that Sam installed himself. Our cats, Tam Lin and Madison, also rotate between the porch in the summer and wood stove in the winter. In our yard we have a vegetable garden, flower beds, fruit trees, a berry patch, mushroom and asparagus beds, and even a beehive! In the front yard, neighborhood friends gather to play soccer or tag. Our neighborhood has several families with kids and friendly people all around us.

The NY Capital Region is a great place to raise a family. We moved to this community because it has had the highest rated school district in the region for several years, and we wanted Ben to have the best education available. The local elementary school and playground is located near our home.

Around town we love going berry picking in the summer and visiting local farms around us for hayrides and picking out pumpkins in the Fall. We host outdoor movies in our yard for our friends and neighbors. We also have smaller fun traditions like weekly Friday pizza nights, going to the ice cream stand together, opening day at the town pool, and sledding with friends at the local golf course each winter. Our family also enjoys the learning and cultural activities in our region — visiting local museums, concerts, and theater performances together. We have grown to absolutely love our town and our neighborhood!

Our home is filled with love, and we have more to give!

About Our Extended Family:

Family is very important to us, and we have a lot of support in our adoption process. They are excited for us to become parents through adoption! We spend time with our families in New York, Pennsylvania, and California as much as we can. Ben loves spending time with his twenty cousins and second cousins on both sides of the family — they range in age from college-aged to newborn.

Our families are a blend of religions, so we celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays. Ben really enjoys learning about both. One very special family tradition at Easter is to make Pysanky — a traditional Ukrainian egg decorating technique. We also have Ukrainian foods for Easter and Christmas Eve. For Jewish holidays, Passover and Hanukkah are a great time to experience traditional foods and fun.

Jessica is close with her family. Her parents and sister live in Central New York. Jessica’s parents are both retired and keep busy spending time with their grandchildren. They are hoping to move to our area within the next two years, and we can’t wait to have them closer! Jessica’s sister Abigail, Brother-in-law Ed, and nephew also live near Oneida. Jessica’s extended family of Uncles, Aunts, and cousins live in the Lehigh Valley, PA and Boston area. We often visit them.

Sam also has close relationships with his parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Sam’s parents (who Ben calls Mimi and Sabba) live in Bucks County, PA. Sam’s mom owns a roofing company, and his Dad is semi-retired. We are lucky to get to spend time at Mimi’s beach house in Lewes, Delaware a few times a year! Sam’s brother Max lives in San Francisco, California, with his girlfriend Natalie. A lot of Sam’s extended family live in California, so we try to visit San Francisco and the surrounding areas as often as we can.

About Our Friends:

We have many friends we are close to. Some of our friends have an open adoption and we have seen the joy adoption brings to their lives. Our friends are a great support system for us — they are an important part of our family’s life! We also have great neighbors, and there are quite a few kids Ben’s age that we play with almost every day.

Our Thanks:

Thank you so much for taking time to learn about our family and for considering adoption as one of your options for your baby. If you eventually decide on making an adoption plan for him or her, we would feel truly blessed if you choose our family. We promise to offer the child we adopt a loving and supportive home — filled with fun and a love of learning. Are you interested in talking with us? We would love to chat with you. We will support both you and your child. Regardless of what your decision is, we wish you strength during this time. Thank you for considering us an adoptive parents

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