Joe, Michael, & Sonia

Seekonk, MA

We Are a Family From the Providence Metro Area, Hoping to Adopt a Baby!

Hello from the Providence metro area!

Hello! Pleased to meet you. We’re Joe, Michael, & Sonia from the Providence, Rhode Island area. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We realize you have an important decision in front of you and we’re grateful to be included. We’re also here to remind you that you’re not alone. Our hearts are open to you and a child.

We enjoy spending time with children and appreciate their enthusiasm for life, ability to be excited by the ordinary, and curiosity about the world around them. Together, we plan to raise a smart, confident, and compassionate young person who lives their values, lifts up the people around them, and is determined to make their mark on the world.

Should you choose to contact us, we’ll always say what we mean and follow through on our commitments. We hope you’ll be a part of our growing family.

Joe, Michael, & Sonia