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Happy Adoption Finalization Day!!

Friends in Adoption is thrilled to announce that Justin and Paul from Michigan finalized the adoption of their daughter Jacquelyn in October, 2020. Congratulations to the happy family!

“After becoming officially listed with FIA in March, we quickly began preparing our nursery. Some people thought this was premature, but we wanted to let “the universe” know we were ready to be parents. With this taking place during the early part of our COVID quarantine, we had plenty of time and it was a nice distraction. Well, the universe seemed to hear our call because in May we matched with a wonderful birth mother who was already 7 months pregnant! On July 8th, we welcomed our darling daughter Jacquelyn into our lives. With the support of our family, friends, and exceptional staff at FIA, our journey into parenthood was truly the silver lining to an otherwise challenging year due to the pandemic. We are so thankful and love our new roles as parents. Watching our sweet little girl grow continues to be a truly amazing experience every day.” –Justin and Paul, FIA alumni


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