We Are a Couple from Albany County, NY Hoping to Adopt a Baby!

Hello from Slingerlands, NY! Thank you for taking the time to view our adoption profile and get to know us. We respect your courage and strength and are sending you our support while you consider making this challenging decision. Please know that if you do decide on adoption and give us the gift of parenthood, the child will be loved unconditionally and supported in every pursuit they choose.

About Us: We met in 1998 in Albany, NY at a mutual friend’s party, and got married in 2006. We are both active in community service and our local community. We have always enjoyed an active life, including downhill skiing, golfing, hiking, biking, and kayaking. We love to travel to new places around the country and internationally. Some of our best memories are of trips to learn about different cultures and the history of our nation. We have a Wheaten Terrier named Champs, who is extremely sweet and is known for cuddling, kisses, and great with kids. We look forward to growing our family as we hope to adopt a child.

About Kate: “I grew up in a very close and very large extended family. I grew up in upstate New York, and spent summers at our family vacation home on the shores of Lake George, NY. I am the youngest of four kids and each of my siblings have children. I am godmother to one of my nieces and to my best friend’s daughter — I love to make them laugh! I have a Master’s Degree in Administration from University at Albany and own my own business, which provides business and management consulting to private and not-for-profit companies across the region. When not working, I love to travel, downhill ski, golf, and read. I am a very good cook (at least I think so! LOL) and enjoy hosting gatherings for our family and friends. I’ve always wanted to become a parent.”

About Matt: “I was born in Bethlehem, NY, and was close to my siblings and cousins growing up. As the youngest of my siblings and cousins, I grew up with most of them welcoming children into our family and lives. I have three older sisters who have children. I am godfather to some of my nieces and cousin’s kids. I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Public Policy from Rockefeller College at University at Albany. At work, I run a team providing programs and services to help home owners and businesses be more efficient and sustainable. I love my job and am grateful that I get to address climate change. I’ve always loved working with my hands and am particularly good at carpentry and landscaping. I also enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures, places, and history. I’m excited at the possibility to welcome a child in our lives and hearts.”

Our Home: Our home is located in Slingerlands, NY, which is just outside of Albany, NY. We live in one of the original Victorians in the area, built in 1890. Matt has spent countless hours restoring our house while Kate worked on the interior design tasks — and we love every moment of it! We have a nice yard, pool, and woods behind our house. We have redone most of the gardens and created year-round perennial flower gardens that provide color and cut flowers, as well as a large organic garden that we harvest fresh vegetables for our delicious meals. The Town of Bethlehem School District is routinely one of the top 10 school districts in the state every year. Our neighbors are very friendly and welcoming, with a wide diversity of age ranges and backgrounds. We live in a walkable community with rich history. We are very close to a “rail trail” for walking, running, and biking, as well as walking distance to several parks and playgrounds. We are about an hour away from Kate’s family vacation property on Lake George, and visit many family and friends throughout the northeast.

Our Family and Friends: We have a very large network of close friends and family nearby and around the northeast and we love to regularly spend time with them. Both of us came from larger families and have always wanted a family of our own. We love to host family members and family gatherings on a regular basis, and we can’t wait to be able to introduce them all to a new child in our lives. There are many children in our friends and family, including adults and children who have been adopted. We think of our friends as family, and celebrate in each other’s wins and successes, and are there for each other whenever needed. Our parents, siblings, and friends are all very supportive of our efforts to grow our family through adoption. They are excited for more children to be welcomed into the games, fun, holidays, BBQs and special occasions that we share with each other.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our adoption profile. We understand how difficult and important of a decision this is for you. We hope you feel the love and joy that we share with each other, with our family, and our friends, and would be grateful to share with a new child in our life. We are very excited to welcome a child into our family to love and support. We welcome you to contact us with any questions as you move through this process.

—Kate & Matt

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