We Are a Couple from Saratoga County, NY Hoping to Adopt a Baby!

A heartfelt hello from Katelyn and Stephen, in upstate New York! We are humbled that you would take the time to explore our adoption profile. We can not wait for you to get to know us, and we are excited by the possibility of getting to know you too!

Both of us grew up in western New York, in a small town outside of Rochester. We met during high school and started dating when we were 16. Then Stephen’s family moved to North Carolina so we dated long distance for seven years. We married each other in 2016 and started our life together in the Saratoga Springs, NY area. In 2020 we bought our home in Ballston Spa, NY, where we have gained a supportive community for game nights and cookouts. We believe that family is where you are fully known and fully loved.

Our relationship is based on communication, respect, and grace. Rather than traditional gifts, we find experiences to do together for birthdays and anniversaries. As a result, this has placed value on building memories and creating meaningful celebrations for the two of us. We take turns planning a weekend getaway nearby, or a night pretending to be fancy Saratogians in a downtown hotel, or retreating to Lake George for moments of tranquility.

Get to know Katelyn Through Stephen’s Eyes: “Katelyn is the person who makes my life better. She brings a smile to my face every day. She knows how to cultivate the little moments of life. Katelyn is passionate about the projects she takes on and the people she cares about. She enjoys baking for others. This is one of the best ways that she shows love, and anyone can see her own happiness in the time spent thinking about what to make for someone, preparing it, and then giving it to that person. Over the years I have also realized that one of Katelyn’s best qualities is her organized mind. She shows this in her line of work as an engineer, but also in our life where she plans our vacations and trips. Overall, Katelyn thinks deeply and cares about everything she does, whether that is her interactions with someone or an activity we are pursuing together. She serves others with love and shows me love everyday.”

Get to know Stephen Through Katelyn’s Eyes: “Stephen prioritizes his relationships with people. He loves getting together and learning more about them. He remembers what someone he talked to was struggling with and actually follows up with them about it. Some of the things that bring life to him are being outdoors with friends or family, grabbing a morning coffee with one of the guys, eating with his lunch group at work, and talking to his students about life. Stephen is a high school special education teacher whose job fits him perfectly. His patience and empathy equip him specifically for this line of work. I can hear the joy in his voice over dinner as he tells me about the progress his kids are making and the talks they have had that day. Stephen is spontaneous. Whether it’s joining friends in doing something the day of or taking an unplanned adventure to somewhere local just the two of us, he brings extra unexpected fun to our lives.”

Home Sweet Home: In 2020 we moved into our three-bedroom ranch house in Ballston Spa, right outside of Saratoga Springs in the Capital Region of New York State. The area we call home is full of seasonal festivals, fair grounds, ski mountains/resorts, and historical places we love to visit. Being in a suburb of Saratoga allows us the convenience of nearby restaurants/shopping and events, while being just south of the Adirondacks provides us with endless outdoor activities to enjoy! We have a generationally diverse neighborhood which has gained even more young families since we moved here.

Our Community: When we think of community we picture people. All the friends we keep in touch with, the people we walk through life with, and those that surround us throughout our days. Whether that be friends we individually made during college, our different jobs, or mutual friends that have moved away in recent years, we stay in touch with them. A big part of our community over the past years has come from our local church. We are heavily involved in the ministries there, both individually and as a couple. These groups of people, whether near or far, are all essential parts of our community and we feel better off having them in our lives.

Our Family: Our families have helped shape us as individuals and influenced the values we have as our own family team. We are grateful for their support, which we can always count on. Most of Katelyn’s family lives in western New York State. Her mom, dad, younger brother, and grandma all live outside of Rochester in the home she grew up in. Stephen’s mom, dad, and older brother all live outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. While it may seem far away, his parents being retired means they can typically visit at least once a year and we try to visit them every couple years as well.

Our Gratitude: Thank you for taking the time to explore our adoption profile and get to know more about us. While we can not fully know your situation, we respect you exploring your options. We are thinking of you and hope that you feel empowered to make the best choice for you and your child. If you would like to know more, feel free to reach out. Above all else, we hope that you have peace in whichever decision you make.

—Katelyn & Stephen

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