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Hello! We would like to express our admiration for you for taking these steps to consider adoption for your child. It takes courage and strength. If you select us, we promise you that your child would be loved unconditionally.

About Us: The two of us started dating in 2004 and got married in September of 2012. From the very beginning, we could tell being together just felt right. We cannot think of a better person to have by each other’s side. Our son Billy was born in 2013, and he exceeded everything we imagined in our hearts. We both have always dreamed of having a large family like the ones we grew up in, and are very happy with the prospect of expanding our family further by adopting a child.

Meet Tom: “Tom is a strong, ambitious, hardworking man. He is always willing to help and support his family with no questions asked. Every task he faces, he tackles head on, and is never afraid to learn new things along the way. Making friends has always been easy for Tom, because he is extremely outgoing and sociable. If he sees someone in need, he jumps right in to help. He is a good man with a big heart. I have enjoyed watching Tom grow as a father. From the moment our son Billy was born, Tom slipped into that dad role effortlessly. He knows how important it is to be there and to make time for a child. To teach, support, and of course PLAY.” —by Kathleen

Meet Kathleen: “Kathleen has a great outlook on life and an ability to find happiness in every part of it. She is kindhearted, caring, and our family’s greatest inspiration. Kathleen ADORES kids. She loves to nurture our son Billy’s impressionable mind and makes sure to fill it with all kinds of amazement and fantastic memories. Kathleen is also very strong. When her father had a heart attack, Kathleen dedicated herself to taking care of her family, and managed to show up every day with a smile on her face and encouraging words, and remained positive when there seemed to be no hope. Kathleen has a genuine and good soul. She values others and brings happiness to our lives. She is Billy’s and my best friend, and I love her completely.” —by Tom

Meet Billy: Billy is an amazing 8-year-old. He is very bright, with an extremely curious mind. When Billy discovers a new topic of interest, his little brain cannot wait to learn all about it. He will ask questions, read books, or go outside and explore. Whatever Billy learns, he cannot wait to share it with us. It is adorable and very enlightening. He has a vivid imagination and takes a lot of pride in his Lego creations. Even though Billy is fond of all animals, it will have to be cats if you ask for his favorite. It is no wonder our cat Remi is his sidekick. There is only one thing we wish for Billy that would make these little moments in life a bit sweeter, and that would be if he could share them with a little brother or sister. Billy enjoys spending time with his family and friends, but like us, he prays for a day when our family will grow.

Home, Sweet Home: Our home is located in the beautiful south shore region of Long Island, New York. Our town is a great place to live with lots to offer. There are shops, restaurants, and playgrounds to explore. We have an incredible library close by, and our school district is exceptional. Our home is close to lovely little beaches and piers. We live on a charming, peaceful block surrounded by wonderful neighbors. There is a nice mix of established families with lots of young children, new couples just starting out, and also neighbors who have enjoyed living here for decades. We were lucky to stumble upon our house in 2018 and, with most of our family living only four blocks to just a 15-minute car ride away, it was an opportunity we could not pass up!

Family and Friends: We have been surrounded by friends and family members who have and continue to be there for us. They played a big part in making us who we are today, and we love them completely. They helped us to become optimistic, caring, and patient. Family means everything to us! We are both very fortunate to have loving and supportive families. They are at the center of our world. Tom’s family is special. They are all welcoming, supportive, and caring and make anyone feel at home. Tom is one of 4 children. He grew up in a nice neighborhood surrounded by family and friends. Tom learned the value of working hard to provide for one’s family at an early age, as was demonstrated by his parents. His family loved to spend time together and shared many of the same friends and interests. Kathleen’s family will always make sure to smile, laugh, and have fun spending time with the people they love. Kathleen grew up in an old historic home on a beautiful street, where her mother still lives. Kathleen is the youngest of 4 daughters. Her late father was a big child at heart, loved his children, and had a laugh that could be heard down the block. Kathleen’s mother was a “stay at home mom” who cared not only for her children but often watched friends, family, and neighborhood children as well.

Our Thanks: Thank you for taking the time to read our adoption profile. We hope it has given you a sense of who we are and the kind of loving, stable, and joyous life we would provide. We realize that choosing adoption is a difficult decision, and we admire your incredible courage as you consider your options.

—Kathleen, Tom, & Billy

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