Kev & Doug

Central New Jersey

We Are Ready to Adopt a Baby to Add to Our Central New Jersey Family!

Hello and welcome to our adoption profile!

Our names are Douglas and Kevin Monroe, dedicated and loving husbands who have been together for almost eleven years residing in Central New Jersey. First and foremost, we want to express our appreciation and admiration for you as you think about creating an adoption plan for your child. The strength and perseverance of birth parents is something to be in awe of and we are in awe of you. We are hoping to create a safe space for everyone involved so that you can feel reassured and at ease while embarking on this journey. In doing so, we are willing to offer any assistance needed throughout the process.

So, come on in and take a look around, because there are so many fun and exciting things to learn about us. Firstly, you can just call us Doug and Kev, no need for formalities because this is a safe space. Our hopes and desires are to provide the child we adopt someday with a support, unconditional love, and a solid foundation as they grow into a beautiful person.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into our lives. Here you will be able to get to know not only things about us, but also things about our friends and family. This journey through our lives together has been nothing short of amazing and we are so happy to be able to share pieces of it with you.

–Kev & Doug