We Are a Couple from Rensselaer County, NY Hoping to Adopt a Baby!

Hello! We are Steven and Kristina, from Averill Park, NY (Upstate New York). We want to first and foremost express our admiration for you as you consider adoption as one of your options. We respect the decision that you will be making, regardless of what that is. As you read through our adoption profile, please know we are truly humbled for everything we have and are excited to be on this journey to grow our family through adoption.

Our relationship developed when we were in college, and we have been inseparable ever since. We had our dream wedding on September 27th, 2014. Our relationship is built on the foundation that we will always do anything for the other person and for our family. We believe in open communication and work together as partners in every sense of the word.

One of our favorite things to do is to explore and travel in our 30 ft. camper — our home away from home! We love to be able to explore nature while having a warm cozy place to sleep. It is also very important to us to be able to have plenty of room for family when they come camping with us. There’s even room to bring our dog Raven on our adventures! One of our favorite places to visit is Ticonderoga, NY. The beauty of the Adirondacks makes for a great place to hike, fish, visit state parks, and see many of the beautiful historical sites in Ticonderoga.

Our main focus has always been to build a life and a home to provide the best opportunities for the child we adopt some day. We decided to first focus on us and being the best versions of ourselves that we could be, and worked to lose a combined weight of about 260 lbs. We now are able to live the active healthy lives that we have always wanted — and are ready, eager, and very excited to build our forever family through adoption!

Every year we host Thanksgiving dinner at our home. We truly enjoy sharing our home with our family and friends. We live in a 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath colonial located in Averill Park, NY. It’s a quiet neighborhood with great neighbors, located close to local restaurants, schools, and parks. Our house is placed back off the road on a 3 acre lot with a fenced-in back yard and a trail that leads to a small stream.

We have a dog and a cat. Both of our animals love children, they get so excited when any of our nieces and nephews come over. They love to sit and snuggle with the kids as well as play in the back yard.

We are humbled that all of our hard work growing up has led us to this point in our lives.

“Kristina is a natural nurturer. She always wants to make sure that everyone else is taken care of. Through our journey to starting a family I have been able to witness first hand just how strong, loving, caring, and resilient she is. She is patient and motherhood is something that just comes naturally to her.” —Steve

“Steve is the most caring, kind, and sweetest person I have ever met. He loves the outdoors and doing work around the house. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping. He enjoys spending time with family, especially with our nieces and nephews. He is a very laid back person and is able to stay grounded when faced with adversity. He has a way of making everyone laugh and goes out of his way to help others.” —Kristina

Family has always been extremely important to both of us.

Kristina comes from a large blended family. They get together often. Her entire family, including her Grandmother, would be ecstatic to welcome another great-grandchild to the family.

Steve comes from a large Italian family. They love to meet at his grandmother’s house for Gram’s signature Sunday sauce! Steve is the oldest of three children and is a twin. His family cannot wait to welcome another baby to the family.

Together we have a beautiful support group of friends who have become family to us. Our best friends have been in our lives since we were both children and are more like brothers and sisters than friends.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to read through our adoption profile and for getting to know us. As you consider adoption as one of your options, we can only imagine how difficult this process may be for you. We would like for you to know that we support you in whichever decision you make.

—Kristina & Steve

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