Couple in West Sand Lake, NY Humbly Awaiting a Baby Through Adoption!

Hello and welcome to our adoption profile. We are Matt and Paula We live in New York’s Capital Region. We have been married since 2015 and are very excited to begin our parenting journey. We understand that this may be a very difficult decision. By now you’ve probably viewed many profiles like ours. As you learn more about us, we hope that you feel assured that we will do everything we can to provide a nurturing environment and a loving home to the child we adopt. We know that whichever your decision may be, it will be made to give your baby the very best. Thank you for taking the time to view our adoption profile.

Where we Live:

West Sand Lake, New York

our Photo Gallery:

Photos of our home, our family, our friends, and the life we can offer a baby.

our Adoption Agency Profile:

our personal story, our hopes and dreams, and our plans regarding adoption as we are eager, ready, and able to adopt a baby today!

Text us at:

1-518-350-4581 (Monday-Friday 8am–4pm EST)

Call us at:

(800-98-ADOPT) toll-free, anytime

How to email us:

Please use the form on this page to e-mail us.

To learn more about Matt and Paula, visit their adoption agency profile (with lots more photos)
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