DC Couple Ready to Become Parents Through Adopting a Baby!

Hello, we are Felipe and Mitchell, from the DMV area. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our adoption profile and to learn about us. We have a home filled with warmth and love and are so excited about the opportunity to expand on that by raising a baby. We are in awe of your strength during this time and would feel honored to be considered.

We met in 2016 in Washington, DC, where both of us had already been living for several years. During our first dates, the more we found out about each other, the more we realized we were meant to be together. Our values, passions, and goals seemed to match up perfectly. We feel so incredibly lucky to have found each other and are excited to continue growing in our love and expanding on it with a baby. Felipe said that “Mitchell has always wanted to be a father and is going to be a wonderful parent. He will nurture a baby to be authentically who they are and to always pursue joy.” Mitchell said that “Felipe is incredibly kind, generous, and smart. He is always looking for ways to help people and wants to make a difference. He is a wonderful man who will be an incredible father.”

Travel has been an integral part of our relationship. We have been very lucky, thanks to work and other opportunities, to be able to travel to places we could have only dreamed of visiting. We are in awe of the world around us. Being able to meet so many people in so many different countries has reaffirmed our commitment to building a better world for those who come after us.

We love living in DC — a city full of culture, where we’ve been lucky to build a great, diverse community of friends. Living in DC has given us the opportunity to grow as people and to build a loving home together. We are also lucky to have had the opportunity to purchase a second home by the beach in southern Maine in 2021. While we love living in a big city, having a space close to the beach, where we can spend time outside brings us so much joy. We are excited to build memories in both places, and enjoy time as a family, with family, and friends!

We care deeply about our friends, family, and surrounding community. While we grew up in different countries, with different cultures, our parents brought us up with similar core values: working hard, caring for family, freedom of expression, and acceptance of others. We learned from our parents about kindness, respect, and unconditional love. Our siblings are a constant in our lives. We have family all over the world. Our family is big and gregarious and we love them so much.

We were both blessed with groups of friends that were diverse in not only race and gender, but in opinions, backgrounds, occupations, and where they live. We are so fortunate to have created these deep bonds with people who challenge us to be better, think deeper, and travel outside of our comfort zones. Felipe has a strong group of friends he gained during his years spent in Upstate New York in the Finger Lakes and Syracuse. Mitchell has a community that consists of high school and college friends, and a strong group from his early days in impact education in DC. We love that we have the opportunity to travel to New York, Boston, and California to visit friends.

We look forward to many celebrations with family and friends after we become parents through adoption.

We promise to honor, love, and protect the baby we adopt in every way.

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Washington, District of Columbia

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