We Are Ready to Adopt a Baby to Add to our Ann Arbor, MI Family!


Hello and greetings from Michigan! First of all, we want to acknowledge your courage and strength as you consider adoption. Our names are Paul, Justin, and Jacquelyn and we are thankful you are taking the time to view our adoption agency profile. We are a happy family who are excited to welcome a child into our lives!

We met at a Halloween party in 2014 and after 5 years of a loving relationship, we married each other in 2019. We feel so lucky to have found each other, and Halloween continues to be an important celebration for us every year! In 2017, we built our dream home together in the wonderful city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. A few years later, we adopted Jacquelyn, our beautiful daughter who brings joy to our lives every day.

Paul works as a Medical Doctor at a prominent university hospital. He has the privilege of teaching medical students and doctors in training. While describing Paul, Justin said that “Paul is a devoted husband and loving father with the biggest heart. His passion and sense of family is one of his strongest suits, and his caring nature also extends to his friends. He is an amazing father and role model for our daughter. From the love he shows Jacquelyn and I, the warmth and kindness to his family and friends, and the care and support he provides for his patients, Paul is truly the best husband and father I could ever ask for.”

Justin is a dental hygienist who is now loving his role as a stay-at-home dad. He can instantly connect with children and make them smile, laugh, and be silly, all while making them feel special and safe. “I can’t imagine a better father!”, said Paul. “Justin is a kind, caring, and passionate man. He is profoundly sensitive of other people’s feelings and of those less fortunate. He is funny, witty, and an expert at surprising me. He is also a creative soul who is very talented, and his most impressive skill is drawing. Justin is able to create beautiful works of art, and everyone is absolutely amazed at his artistic abilities”, said Paul.

We are grateful that we each belong to loving families who are extremely excited for our journey to expand our family through adoption. Both of us feel lucky to have such wonderful parents and siblings. We are very close with our families. We are also very privileged to have many friends who we refer to as our “chosen family”. Our friends come from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. They can’t wait to support us as we expand our family.

One of our passions is our love of travel and adventure. We love visiting our friends in many different places around the country including Colorado, Illinois, DC, New Mexico, New York, and more. We recently rented a beautiful cabin on the coast of Lake Michigan as we feel it is important to travel with our daughter and allow her to enjoy new experiences.

One of the great strengths in our relationship is how we complement each other. With Justin’s creative and spontaneous side, and Paul’s thoughtful and analytical side, we strike a wonderful balance. But importantly, we are both caring and compassionate people and believe everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.

This is just a brief summary of our adoption profile, so please take a look at our full website to learn more about us. We hope this profile allows you to get to know the caring, loving, and fun family we consider ourselves to be. We would be honored to be considered as family for your child if you decide that adoption is the right path for you.

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