Wendy, Peter, & Jude

Brooklyn, NY

We Are Ready to Adopt a Baby to Add to Our New York Family!


We are Peter, Wendy, and our son Jude from Brooklyn, New York. We are looking to extend our family through adoption. Jude is looking forward to becoming a big brother.

Thank you so much for considering adoption as one of your options. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and possibly change our lives. It takes a lot of strength to choose adoption, and it’s humbling to be considered to take on the role of raising a child.

We met eight years ago and have been living in a fairytale since. We are incredibly fortunate and forever grateful to Jude’s birth mom for her strength and courage to choose adoption, which gave us the opportunity to start our family.

Should you select us as potential adoptive parents for your child, we would feel very grateful to take this journey with you.

Peter, Wendy & Jude