We are a family from New York State, hoping to grow through adoption!

Hi, we are Sara, Kevin, and Isaiah, from the Capital Region in New York. Thank you for considering adoption as one of your options and perusing our adoption profile.

We are a loving family that is seeking to expand through adoption.  We have always hoped to adopt and we now feel ready. We hope you find it fun to learn a little bit more about us. As people who advocate for women and birth parents to be able to make their own choices with their lives and medical care, we hope that you find the path that feels right for you and your child. We are progressive Christians, a non-profit lawyer and a pastor with a son born in 2020.  We live in a spacious house in a small city, with grandparents nearby and dear friends too. If you want to know more, keep on reading!  No matter what you do, we trust it will be a good choice.

Sara, Kevin, & Isaiah