Aura and Molly, part 2

Some of you might have concerns regarding Molly meeting but then not speaking to her birth mother.  More and more of our alumni families and now our alumni kids who are of age (18) are calling FIA regarding connecting with the biological family.  It has been my observation that when these connections are made in the safety and security of the agency and with preparation done prior to the meeting- in the majority of circumstances the reunions are successful.  Successful is defined differently for each family.  In some circumstances it is the intent of all involved for there to be a onetime meeting (most often to gather important family history updates and for pictures to be taken) but then no further meetings unless a need arises that warrants another contact.  For other families a reunion outcome is that another chapter of the adopted person’s journey begins.  Maybe siblings are introduced or possibly the extended families meet and chose to continue growing together in their new relationships.  For some of our kids who were adopted – by their choice and with their parent/s support, the adopted person chooses to forge a private relationship with her/her birth family.

I don’t know Molly or her birth family but I do know that I don’t judge her or her birth family for what I don’t know about their stories, but rather chose to respect them for who they are and for what they chose to share publicly.

To be continued…


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