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Thoughts on Fathers: From Dawn’s Desk

Thoughts on Fathers:

Grandfathers, birthfathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, fathers all.  I hear about fathers quite often in the trenches of adoption.  Voices of our kids asking if I know anything about their birthfathers. Do I look like him? Does he know anything about me? Maybe someday can I meet him?”   Birthfathers voices need to he heard and Out of the Shadows: Birthfathers’ Stories by Mary Martin Mason invites us to listen to what they are feeling and what they are saying about their experiences in making adoption plans for their children.  Loss, healing, grief and love are all heart- felt spoken of throughout the book.
To hear more from birthfathers check out Ryan’s Story: A Birth Father in the Summer 2012 Connections Newsletter and Dean & Laura’s letter on page 5 of the Winter 2014 Connections Newsletter.
Friends in Adoption loves hearing from our families so birthfathers and all fathers – let’s hear your voices, our kids are listening!
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— Dawn

P.S.   My Dad who I miss every day and speak to frequently.

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