Our future needs us

To All of our LGBTQ+ Families and to the LGBTQ families throughout the country,

My heart breaks for our children. As parents we must remain strong and united. We must show our children through action that we will fight for their rights. We will show them by example how to live life in kindness and respect. We will not tolerate bullying. Eliza Byard, one of our alumni parents, said it best this morning on her Facebook post:

To every parent, love and strength and thanks.
To every teacher, love and strength and thanks.
To everyone who serves youth, love and strength and thanks.
To every student – whoever you are, whatever your faith, whatever your identity, whatever your abilities, wherever you or your parents come from, whoever you love – know that you are not alone. You are perfect just as you are and you are loved.
Our future needs us, and we are here.

If there is anything that FIA may do in support of your family please let me know. You are all in our thoughts.

With love, respect & gratitude,


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