"My Name", by Liam Goaler

Dear Friends in Adoption, This was written by my 14-year-old nephew.  I thought it was pretty cool.   Great to speak with you as always. — Sue

My Name

My name Liam means “brave guardian” in English. My name is Irish, given from my birth parents. It is a different name, however it is common, like a camel with two humps. A name I was given because it has the pronunciation “yum” in it. My middle name Andre is French, and is my birth father’s middle name. My other middle name, Webster, is my mother’s last name, and my last name, Goaler, is my father’s last name. My name means brave guardian, like a dragon to his treasure.

My Irish name is different than my families because I was adopted. My name is a lot like the names of my birth family. My name is not related to the family, like a second cousin. However, no matter how much it is not related, I am as much a part of the family as anyone else, and a title can’t change that. My name is different because it is a combination of two families, my birth family and my adoption family. Live with one, born by the other. This makes my name special.

My name cannot be shortened because it is already a short version of William. I am okay with this, because I like being called what it says on my birth certificate.

My friends used to call me Goaler. They called me this because in 2nd grade when we played soccer at a small neighborhood park I used to stop many goals.

My name makes me feel different, but not uncomfortable like a warm day in winter. People think of different places when they hear my name. It makes me remember my heritage. It makes me remember that I was adopted, and that even though I live with one family, I have two. This makes me feel different, makes me think of what would have happened if I weren’t adopted. What would my name have been then? My name would have been Liam Andre Morgan. A different person. A different identity, all changed by one decision. A decision that makes me who I am. A decision that can’t be changed. A decision that gave me my Name. Gave me the name of Liam Andre Webster Goaler.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The names were changed in order to respect the confidentiality of the persons involved.
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