Sing Me Goodnight, by Lisa Redfern

A beautiful CD, Sing Me Goodnight by Lisa Redfern arrived at the agency yesterday. The staff LOVED it — 10 stars! Lisa dedicates the cd to “Parents and children, everywhere, especially those creating families through adoption.” This would make a great gift. Please check out: Lisa Redfern’s “Sing Me Goodnight” is a a deeply personal collection of tender lullabies for all ages, each song sung by the same clear, beautiful voice that has brought joy and comfort to hundreds … Read More

Adult Adoptees May Request Copies of Original Birth Certificates Beginning July 2012

Amendments to state law (R.I. Gen. Laws Sections 15-7, 23-3-1, 23-3-15) passed in July 2011 will allow Rhode Island-born adoptees age 25 and older to receive non-certified copies of their original, unaltered birth certificates from the State Office of Vital Records. (Non-certified copies of vital records are for informational purposes only and cannot be used for legal proof of identity, citizenship, or as a substitute for an official birth certificate.) The State Office maintains sealed files of pre-adoption birth certificates … Read More

Meeting heroes at the Friends in Adoption picnic

The annual picnic is a very powerful day and even more so this year.  Kids telling me about their years accomplishments, kids letting me know that they are coming to the FIA Provincetown picnic, too :-), kids coming up to me and inquiring about their birth families… One tween in particular who was placed with her mom and dad as a 3 month old.  Her gentle spirited Dad was older with a spunky energetic wife when they adopted. A couple … Read More

Aura and Molly, part 2

Some of you might have concerns regarding Molly meeting but then not speaking to her birth mother.  More and more of our alumni families and now our alumni kids who are of age (18) are calling FIA regarding connecting with the biological family.  It has been my observation that when these connections are made in the safety and security of the agency and with preparation done prior to the meeting- in the majority of circumstances the reunions are successful.  Successful … Read More

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