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Adoption by Aura age 12

Adoption By Aura – age 12 – Written in 1992 “To be adopted is special. It means someone out there, really, really loves you. No one should be sad, You should be glad that someone out there loves you. When you are a baby, people laugh for you. And when you giggle, they give you all of their ahh’s and … Read More

Weprin introduces Adoptee Bill of Rights

Recently, I read the following on my Facebook wall: “Assemblyman David Weprin introduced the adoptees bill of rights to give Adoptees access to their birth certificate and medical records at 18 on Sunday, November 13, 2011.” (Read the full article here) A comment was posted on my wall from a young person who was adopted: Lizzy: “Adopted or not…you should have access to … Read More

"My Name", by Liam Goaler

Dear Friends in Adoption, This was written by my 14-year-old nephew.  I thought it was pretty cool.   Great to speak with you as always. — Sue My Name My name Liam means “brave guardian” in English. My name is Irish, given from my birth parents. It is a different name, however it is common, like a camel with two humps. … Read More

Sing Me Goodnight, by Lisa Redfern

A beautiful CD, Sing Me Goodnight by Lisa Redfern arrived at the agency yesterday. The staff LOVED it — 10 stars! Lisa dedicates the cd to “Parents and children, everywhere, especially those creating families through adoption.” This would make a great gift. Please check out: www.lisaredfern.com Lisa Redfern’s “Sing Me Goodnight” is a a deeply personal collection of tender lullabies … Read More

Adult Adoptees May Request Copies of Original Birth Certificates Beginning July 2012

Amendments to state law (R.I. Gen. Laws Sections 15-7, 23-3-1, 23-3-15) passed in July 2011 will allow Rhode Island-born adoptees age 25 and older to receive non-certified copies of their original, unaltered birth certificates from the State Office of Vital Records. (Non-certified copies of vital records are for informational purposes only and cannot be used for legal proof of identity, … Read More

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