Weprin introduces Adoptee Bill of Rights

Recently, I read the following on my Facebook wall: “Assemblyman David Weprin introduced the adoptees bill of rights to give Adoptees access to their birth certificate and medical records at 18 on Sunday, November 13, 2011.” (Read the full article here)

A comment was posted on my wall from a young person who was adopted:

Lizzy: “Adopted or not…you should have access to appropriate medical records. Mom just gave me my “original” BC, which is great. I think it is messed up this day in age to try to hide adoption from the adoptee. Obviously we are capable of unconditional love regardless of that child leaping from our womb or into our arms. Either way they end up in our hearts. I am adopted and proud…one of your first “open” adoptions. I thank g-d & my birth mom every day for having the courage to give me up for adoption and the chance at a better life. The open adoption has given me access to family records and allowed me to alert them of conditions I have that may be genetic. Yet I digress…point being…open adoption or not, records should be made available…& thanks Dawn for giving my birthmother an amazing option. I talk w/ Joanne frequently and know all my Bio-brother/sisters and nieces and nephews and it is SWEET”


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