Why Work With Us for Adoption Resources & Training for Healthcare Providers

We partner with healthcare providers to provide comprehensive adoption information and training.

Adoption Resources & Training for Healthcare Providers

When someone is exploring options for an unplanned pregnancy, they may first seek guidance from a trusted healthcare provider or human services professional. Doctors, nurses, social workers, and others who serve pregnant individuals and couples want to help their patients access reputable, unbiased resources.

Many reproductive healthcare providers see us as the “go to” adoption agency for these resources. Here’s why.

  • Friends in Adoption helps social workers, doctors, nurses, Planned Parenthood staff, and other healthcare providers offer a safe place for patients to explore pregnancy options without pressure.
  • We provide respect and compassion during the decision-making process. We understand that the pregnant individual or couple needs time and a pressure-free environment that lets them consider all options.
  • Patients have access to our network of independent, licensed counselors and trained adoption attorneys.
  • As a secular/non-faith-based, licensed agency, we welcome those of all beliefs and faiths.
  • We are an inclusive agency and treat all members of the adoption triad with equality. We serve all types of families, no matter the race, ethnicity, marital status, age, religion, disability, income, sexual orientation, or gender identity/expression.
  • If a pregnant individual/couple chooses adoption, we provide lifelong support – before, during, and after the adoption.
  • Healthcare providers can call us at any stage of a pregnancy. We can even work with birth parents after the baby is born. In fact, it’s not uncommon that birth parents don’t consider adoption seriously until the birth. We encourage healthcare professionals to reach out to us ANY time a patient or client has questions about adoption.