Adoption Resources for Professionals

Referring to FIA

Why is FIA the “go to” adoption agency for many reproductive health centers? There are many reasons to refer to Friends in Adoption! FIA helps social workers, doctors, nurses, Planned Parenthood and other health care provider staff assist patients by offering a safe place for patients to explore pregnancy options without pressure. FIA understands a woman may be considering all her options, and we offer respect and compassion during the decision making process. FIA welcomes all beliefs and faiths (FIA is a secular/non-faith based, licensed agency). Patients are referred to independent licensed counselors and to trained adoption attorneys. FIA is an inclusive agency, and treats all members of the adoptive circle with equality. If a woman/couple chooses adoption, FIA provides lifelong support, not only before and during an adoption, but post-adoption also.

Free Training Workshops for Providers

Looking for a free and timely staff development in-service? We bring the training to you! FIA offers a variety of informative training opportunities for healthcare / counseling professionals or anyone else working with women and couples who may be considering adoption for their unborn or already born child. All workshops are free and can be held at any facility located in the northeast.

We educate healthcare professionals about current adoption processes, what to expect from FIA and why it is important to work with a licensed agency, how to best assist patients/clients who are considering or have decided to make an adoption plan. Just the power of positive and appropriate adoption language can make all the difference to a woman or couple who may feel judged for considering adoption. FIA can help staff become more comfortable in discussing a pregnant woman’s three legal options: parenting, adoption, and abortion, and can enhance staff knowledge of adoption to provide accurate and complete options counseling. Participants in our workshops have relayed that the training has helped them more easily raise adoption as an option when working with someone weighing possible directions for an unplanned pregnancy.

In addition to health care and counseling providers, others who may come in contact with a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and who might benefit from an FIA workshop include: social workers, hospital ministry, community resource workers, and many others. You choose the date, place and length of the training. Please call us at 1-800-982-3678 to schedule a training.

Free Brochures for Professionals

Healthcare and human services providers often wish to have adoption materials on hand to distribute as needed. FIA is happy to send relevant literature on request that can be shared with pregnant or parenting women who are considering adoption. We are here to help! Please fill out a request form, found here, and let us know what materials you need. If you are not on our mailing list for our newsletter, Connections, please let us know. You can read more about FIA’s publications, Connections and Journeys, here.

Glossary of Adoption Terms

Language is powerful and important in communicating about adoption. Over time, the language around adoption had evolved and changed to be more accurate and empowering than in years past. It is particularly helpful in doing true options counseling to employ positive adoption language. The following guide offers definitions on many terms: Adoption Terminology.

Calendar of Events

In addition to required workshops for prospective adoptive parents, FIA hosts periodic informational sessions and birth parent support groups. Information on upcoming events can be found on our Calendar of Events.

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