Adoption Training for Healthcare Professionals

We bring the training to you.

Looking for a free and timely staff development in-service? FIA offers a variety of informative training opportunities for healthcare / counseling professionals or anyone else working with women and couples who may be considering adoption for their unborn or already born child. All workshops are free and can be held at any facility located in the northeast.

Topics can be tailored to meet your needs:

Presenting Options – This workshop provides an overview on talking to a pregnant woman about her options and responses to a woman who says, “I could never give my baby away…”

All About the Adoption Process – In this workshop, participants will learn all about the adoption process (private vs. agency; open vs. confidential) and how adoptive parents are chosen, as well as an overview of the legal processes involved for all parties.

Adoption Language/ Effective Communication – This workshop helps participants learn appropriate adoption language and the importance of effective communication with a woman/couple considering adoption. This workshop includes role play.

Post-Adoption Contact Agreements– – This workshop provides and overview of Post Adoption Contact Agreements (PACAs) and discusses important topics such as a PACA’s impact on the adoptee and legal enforcement.

Adoption Then and Now – This workshop discuss how adoption has changed through the years and provides relevant information about current adoption practices.

Adoption Process: Hospital and Delivery – This workshop will provide information about the adoption process at the hospital and at the time of delivery. Case scenarios are presented and specifically designed for understanding individual roles in a hospital setting.

The Process from a Birth Parent Perspective – Upon availability of an FIA alumna/alumnus birth parent, the workshop provides an opportunity for participants to hear directly from a birth mother or father who has made an adoption plan and what he/she found helpful or hurtful about the process.

FIA’s Services – In this workshop, participants will learn about the compassionate adoption services offered by Friends in Adoption, a not-for-profit, licensed adoption agency, both pre-birth and throughout a child’s lifetime through the Compassionate Care Center of FIA and under the supervision of its founder.

We educate healthcare professionals about current adoption processes, what to expect from FIA and why it is important to work with a licensed agency, how to best assist patients/clients who are considering or have decided to make an adoption plan. Just the power of positive and appropriate adoption language can make all the difference to a woman or couple who may feel judged for considering adoption. FIA can help staff become more comfortable in discussing a pregnant woman’s three legal options: parenting, adoption, and abortion, and can enhance staff knowledge of adoption to provide accurate and complete options counseling. Participants in our workshops have relayed that the training has helped them more easily raise adoption as an option when working with someone weighing possible directions for an unplanned pregnancy.

In addition to health care and counseling providers, others who may come in contact with a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and who might benefit from an FIA workshop include: social workers, hospital ministry, community resource workers, and many others. You choose the date, place and length of the training. Please call us at 1-800-982-3678 to schedule a training.

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