Erin, Brett and baby Aanya
Erin, Brett and baby Aanya are members of the ever-growing FIA Family

Thinking About Adopting a Child?

You are facing a very important decision and it is difficult to know where to turn for information. You have heard or read so much about adoption that it is hard to separate fact from fiction. You need honest answers to your questions and someone to talk to who understands the process, but won’t tell you what to do. Only then can you decide if adoption is for you.

Friends In Adoption (FIA) is a licensed, not-for profit adoption agency founded in 1982 by an adoptive mother who saw that the many needs of adoptive families and birth parents were not being met in adoption situations. From the beginning, FIA has been committed to compassionate treatment for all parties involved in an adoption plan. She recognized the importance of educating both adoptive and birth families about adoption and then supporting their freedom to choose the type of adoption for them. These same fundamental concepts still guide this unique adoption agency today.

FIA is a full-service agency that works with pregnant women/couples all over the United States and places children of all races.

Currently, FIA places an average of 30 infants (primarily newborns) annually. FIA also works with women and couples with already born children and is authorized to place older children as well. FIA offers pre-adoptive families support resources, home study and post-placement services, as well as counseling and introductions to prospective birth parents. In all cases, the adopting family has to complete a home study process which includes post-placement follow-up.

FIA’s staff is exceptionally qualified to guide and support prospective adoptive parents through the adoption journey. FIA is dedicated to working closely with prospective adoptive families by providing complete information, preparing you thoroughly and providing on-going support — all of which are keys to a compassionate and successful adoption. Our relationship with you doesn’t end after the child is placed with you!

FIA prides itself in our role as adoption educator. Our wide network of attorneys, counselors, clinics and hospitals is designed to support your efforts to adopt a child. Our staff provides training to medical providers, social workers, Planned Parenthoods and speaks at local high schools in order to educate those people likely to come in contact with a woman or couple considering an adoption plan for her/their child.


What is the next step to find out more about adopting a child?

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