Thinking about adopting a child, and need more information? We offer a Free Adoption Brochure for Prospective Adoptive Parents. It contains information on FIA’s approach to adoption and how to begin the process.

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective adoptive parents, such as “how long does an adoption with FIA usually take?”, “what are the fees associated with adopting through FIA?”, “What is ‘open adoption’ and are all FIA’s adoptions open?”, “What states do children come from who are adopted through FIA?”, etc.

Order a Free Brochure

The brochure contains real-life stories from birth mothers and shares an adoptive family story as well. Click the link above to order your copy of the brochure.

Adoption Brochure
Click on image above to order the Free Brochure if you are thinking about adopting a child.
Alivia, Mommy and Daddy
Alivia with Mommy & Daddy at her Bumble Bee Birthday party.
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