Weprin introduces Adoptee Bill of Rights

Recently, I read the following on my Facebook wall: “Assemblyman David Weprin introduced the adoptees bill of rights to give Adoptees access to their birth certificate and medical records at 18 on Sunday, November 13, 2011.” (Read the full article here) A comment was posted on my wall from a young person who was adopted: Lizzy: “Adopted or not…you should have access to appropriate medical records. Mom just gave me my “original” BC, which is great. I think it is messed up this … Read More

"My Name", by Liam Goaler

Dear Friends in Adoption, This was written by my 14-year-old nephew.  I thought it was pretty cool.   Great to speak with you as always. — Sue My Name My name Liam means “brave guardian” in English. My name is Irish, given from my birth parents. It is a different name, however it is common, like a camel with two humps. A name I was given because it has the pronunciation “yum” in it. My middle name Andre is French, and … Read More

Photos for your Birth Family

Here on the other side of your adoption journey you are no longer filled with anxiety and endless wait. Your time is filled with caring for your heart’s desire, the child that you so patiently, or not so patiently waited to come into your home. Now, the waiting has begun for your birth family. Their days may be filled with doubt, and uncertainty as well as the patient or not so patient wait for updates, pictures, photos information about the … Read More

Aura and Molly, part 2

Some of you might have concerns regarding Molly meeting but then not speaking to her birth mother.  More and more of our alumni families and now our alumni kids who are of age (18) are calling FIA regarding connecting with the biological family.  It has been my observation that when these connections are made in the safety and security of the agency and with preparation done prior to the meeting- in the majority of circumstances the reunions are successful.  Successful … Read More

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