Adoption-Friendly States

adoption friendly states shown by an adult and child holding hands

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is stressful. No doubt about it. Please remember, though, that if you make the difficult decision to place your baby for adoption, you’re making an open-hearted, loving choice. 

The adoption process can be challenging. However, working out the details of an adoption plan can help you feel in control, and an adoption agency partner can give you the support you need. Friends in Adoption is here to help with clear information about the process and meaningful support before, during, and after adoption.

As a well-respected, established, and licensed infant adoption agency we get asked a lot of questions. One of the most common ones is whether there are adoption-friendly states.  The short answer is yes, but it’s not that simple.

Adoption-friendly states: Do they exist?

First, let’s be clear: adoption is a legal process, one that’s legal in every state. Second thing to know is that laws vary from state to state. Some states have more restrictions than others. 

The definition of what makes a state adoption-friendly varies based on your perspective. Some states’ laws are more favorable to adoptive parents with shorter waiting periods, lower costs, and less time allowed for birth parents to change their mind. On the flip side, some states (New York, for example) give birth parents a full 30 days before an adoption is final. That 30-day waiting period can be beneficial to birth parents, allowing them more time to get comfortable with their decision, or potentially, change their mind. 

Friends in Adoption is based in New York but works with birth parents throughout the U.S. Some of our birth parents from other states have been happy that they could take advantage of  the provisions in New York’s adoption laws, such as the longer waiting period. 

The legal complexity surrounding adoption may seem overwhelming but don’t worry. You don’t have to read through state statutes, and you don’t need a law degree. What you do need are the services of an ethical, reputable adoption agency who can connect you with a top-notch adoption attorney.

Moving forward

No matter where you live, the adoption process can seem complicated and confusing. You’ll need allies. We strongly recommend you work with a good adoption agency, one you can form a strong partnership with. Look to your agency partner to provide 

  • Counseling about your options for handling this unexpected pregnancy
  • Solid information about adoption
  • Answers to your question
  • Problem-solving help
  • Adoption planning assistance
  • Help sharing your adoption plan with family and friends
  • Connection to prospective adoptive families
  • Support throughout the pregnancy, birth, and beyond

Crucially your agency partner should connect you with an experienced adoption attorney, a professional who understands adoption laws and can guide you through the process whether you’re in an adoption-friendly state or not.

Let Friends in Adoption be your partner

Contact us and our knowledgeable, supportive adoption professionals will provide clear information and support to you as a prospective adoptive family. We are a licensed, ethical adoption agency that works throughout the U.S. We build relationships with birth families and adoptive families based on honesty, respect, and mutual responsibility. Contact us. Let’s work together.