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Spectrum News converses with Friends in Adoption!

Matt Hunter, of Spectrum News spent time with Friends in Adoption to help spread the word about National Adoption Awareness. Matt Hunter, reporter with Spectrum News, spent an afternoon interviewing Friends in Adoption alumni Colby and Tifanie and Ron and Katharine, about their experiences with being new parents. Matt also spoke with Patty Smith, Friends in Adoption’s… Read More

Our Thoughts on Re-Homing Children

Friends in Adoption Staff Shares Thoughts on Re-Homing Children Those who follow adoption news may have read the recent Reuters Investigative Report that exposes the topic of “re-homing” children who were adopted from other countries. The report focuses on a population of unprepared adoptive parents who have sought to place their adopted children in other U.S. homes… Read More

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Why White People Adopt Black Babies

Written By Rachel Garlinghouse Originally posted at African Americans have every reason to be suspicious of white people adopting black babies. From slavery to unethical medical experimentation to Jim Crow laws and more, history demonstrates that white people haven’t always been very kind to people of color, to say the least. As an English… Read More