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Adoption Books, Articles and Websites

We have compiled some excellent resources for prospective adoptive parents. While this list is not exhaustive, it provides an excellent beginning to understanding adoption. Books Hospitious Adoption (by James Gritter): This book explores open adoption, “done right.” Goodwill and respect and the true meaning of “hospitality” in adoption helps the process unfold smoothly and for the… Read More

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Many Older Parents are Adopting Children

‘Too Old To Adopt’? Not The Case For These Parents Originally published by Ann Brenoff at the Huffington Post, July 3, 2012 Click here to read the original article A recent study of Americans’ attitudes toward aging contained this little gem: Respondents thought people should stop having children by age 41, on average. While nature — at… Read More

Transracial Adoption Information: Key Tips to Raising Your Multicultural Family

Transracial adoption, or adopting a baby that is not of the same race/ethnicity/cultural background as their adoptive parents, is becoming increasingly common in the United States. While the common approach is to “not see race or ethnicity” of your baby, this can cause problems down the line. Race and cultural backgrounds do matter in the modern world,… Read More