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adoption friendly states shown by an adult and child holding hands

Adoption-Friendly States

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is stressful. No doubt about it. Please remember, though, that if you make the difficult decision to place your baby for adoption, you’re making an open-hearted, loving choice.  The adoption process can be challenging. However, working out the details of an adoption plan can help you feel in control, and… Read More

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Resilience in Adoption

The words resilience and adoption go hand in hand. Each person in the adoption triad: birth parent, adoptive parent, and child, need resilience because adoption by its nature involves the experience of profound loss. Resilience also allows people to experience healing and profound peace, joy and love. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), “resilience is the process of adapting… Read More

Adoption Terminology

Adoption Terms

Newborn Adoption Terminology Whether you are a prospective biological parent, prospective adoptive parent exploring adoption, or an adoption professional, there are many adoption related terms with which to be familiar. We have included below some definitions, as well as some “positive” adoption language. It is important to all the members of the adoption triad to… Read More

Our Thoughts on Re-Homing Children

Friends in Adoption Staff Shares Thoughts on Re-Homing Children Those who follow adoption news may have read the recent Reuters Investigative Report that exposes the topic of “re-homing” children who were adopted from other countries. The report focuses on a population of unprepared adoptive parents who have sought to place their adopted children in other U.S. homes… Read More

Adoption Books, Articles and Websites

We have compiled some excellent resources for prospective adoptive parents. While this list is not exhaustive, it provides an excellent beginning to understanding adoption. Books Hospitious Adoption (by James Gritter): This book explores open adoption, “done right.” Goodwill and respect and the true meaning of “hospitality” in adoption helps the process unfold smoothly and for the… Read More