What’s the difference between open adoption and closed adoption?

Q:What’s the difference between open adoption and closed adoption?

A: Open adoption vs closed adoption means, among many other factors, that there are different levels of post-adoption contact. In open adoption, there is an ongoing direct relationship between the child and the birth family. The families keep in touch with each other directly, always keeping the best interests of the child as central. Some families have a visit or two a year and exchange letters and photos. Other families may agree to simply email or text a few times a year or do periodic video chats. However, because each adoption process is unique, there are many variations on the continuum of openness. A semi-open adoption may include direct exchange of e-mails or letters and photos, while a semi-closed adoption may mean that letters without identifying information like last names or addresses are exchanged with the help of Friends in Adoption. When you call us at 1-800-98-ADOPT, or e-mail us, you are encouraged to ask Friends in Adoption any questions. During our conversations, we will explain to you all of your options. and how post-adoptive contact with your child’s adoptive family can work. Our compassion, Your decision!

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