FAQ: What is open adoption and are all adoptions with FIA open?

Q: What is open adoption and are all adoptions with FIA open?

A: Open adoption generally means there is an ongoing direct relationship between the child and the birth family. FIA adheres to “Hospitious Adoption”. Jim Gritter, author of Hospitious Adoption takes the approach that practicing goodwill, respect, and courage within the realm of open adoption makes the process unfold more smoothly and enriches children’s lives. FIA promotes and educates on open adoption. The degree of openness may vary depending on the wishes of the birth and adoptive families, however all adoptive families who adopt with FIA are at minimum open to sending letters and photos two times a year and open to a visit with birth parents once a year. Sometimes birth parents will choose a confidential adoption with limited or no contact, and when that is the case, FIA will respect the birth parent’s wishes, however the “door is left open to open,” by requiring that regular updates be sent to FIA by adoptive parents for safe-keeping in the even that the birth parent decides to request the letters and photos later on. As a baseline, FIA will always try to obtain medical information for the child.

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