FAQ: Can I Choose Adoption After Birth?

The simple answer to the question in the headline is YES. Absolutely. In fact, while pre-birth planning lets you, your family and friends, and even the adoptive family have more time to adjust and prepare, it’s not at all uncommon for mothers to choose adoption after their baby is born.

You may decide to “put your child up for adoption” after birth for a variety of reasons.  You may have a better understanding of adoption as an option. Or you may find yourself without the support you were counting on. No matter the circumstances, don’t hesitate to contact us at Friends in Adoption (FIA). We’re caring, supportive, and experienced adoption professionals who’ve worked with women throughout the U.S. who chose adoption after they’d given birth.

Are there age limits on adoption after birth?

The simple answer here is NO.  You can decide at birth or days, weeks, months, or even years later to “give your child up” for adoption. Situations can change, so it’s not uncommon for women to select adoption after their baby is born.

Keep in mind, though, later adoption may be more difficult emotionally.  As you spend time with the baby, your attachment will grow as will the baby’s. Also, many adoption agencies, including FIA, focus on infant adoptions. 

What will my adoption experience be if I decide after birth?

If you choose to place your baby for adoption post-birth, it’s important for you to know that you’ll have most of the same options as someone who did pre-birth adoption planning. You will be able to:

  • Choose the potential adoptive family and meet them, if you want to
  • Dictate how the adoption process goes
  • Set the kind of interaction you’d like to have with the adoptive family moving forward

You’ll also be given access to important resources, too:

  • No-cost birth mother counseling
  • Legal advice at no charge to you
  • Even financial assistance for some living expenses and medical care related to your pregnancy, if you’re eligible

The process will go something like this:

Here’s what will happen:

First: You contact FIA. We’ll help you get started.

Second: Our adoption counselors provide profiles of potential adoptive families if you want to choose a family. 

Third: If you want contact, we’ll help facilitate phone calls and meetings with the family you choose.

Fourth: You specify your preferences for contact during the adoption process and your post-adoption relationship.

Fifth: We’ll help you do the adoption paperwork so the adoptive family can take custody.

Friends in Adoption is here to support you through your post-birth adoption

No matter when you decide to choose adoption, please keep in mind that “giving up” your baby for adoption is not “giving up.” It’s a selfless act of love made out of concern for your baby’s future.

If you’ve given birth, reside in the United States, and are considering adoption for your baby, contact Friends in Adoption at 1-800-982-3678. Our caring, supportive counselors can answer your questions and help you start the adoption process.

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