FAQ: I think I would like a closed adoption. Can FIA help me?

Q:I think I would like a closed adoption. Can FIA help me?

A: Yes! Friends in Adoption (FIA) strongly respects the birth parents’ wishes regarding whether or not there will be post-adoption contact with the adoptive family. FIA takes a person’s right to privacy very seriously and takes measures to assure all adoptions are done in a respectful and compassionate manner. FIA is happy to provide education on the benefits of open adoption, and possibly keeping the “door open to open adoption” for the sake of the child. Sometimes, a birth parent will opt for a confidential / closed adoption, and will later decide they wish to receive updates on their child. FIA’s policy for adoptive families is that minimally, each family will provide letters and photos for the birth parent, sent to the agency for safekeeping in the case of a confidential adoption, two times a year until the child is 18. A birth parent, upon request, can have those updates sent to them at a later time. FIA will provide you with the information to make an informed decision. If your decision is to not have contact, that is yours to make.

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