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FAQ: “What Does It Cost To Put My Baby Up For Adoption in the U.S.?”

Individuals and couples who are pregnant and considering adoption should be proud of their courage and the love they already show for their baby. Yet, many are concerned with this question: “what does it cost to put my baby up for adoption in the U.S.?”. Friends in Adoption(FIA) has some answers for you, covering potential costs and the financial benefits of working with an adoption agency in the United States. 

Does Putting A Child Up for Adoption Cost Money in the U.S.?

If you partner with an adoption agency in the United States, placing a child for adoption as a birth parent will not cost you anything. In fact, you’ll have some services associated with pregnancy covered by the organization (doctor visits, medical bills, attorney fees). Each state sets forth “legally allowable expenses”, where FIA and the state can provide further financial assistance. Areas of financial assistance include medical costs, housing, and other pregnancy related expenses. However, if you are looking to work outside of an agency or complete an identified adoption, you will need to plan/budget for medical fees, legal services, and more. 

Free Adoption Services with Friends in Adoption

Friends in Adoption is a United States based adoption agency focused on domestic newborn/infant adoptions. We are dedicated to making the adoption process as smooth and comfortable as possible for birth parents. We’ll help you find the right adoptive family- for free. You decide what resources you need and want to utilize during the adoption process.  Our free services for U.S. based birth parents include: 

  • Trained adoption professional available 24/7 for you
  • Options counseling for those still exploring parenting, termination of pregnancy, and/or adoption
  • Legal assistance from licensed adoption attorney
  • Assistance signing up for healthcare/medical care
  • Financial assistance for pregnancy costs
  • Adoption plan assistance and hospital stay planning
  • Counseling before, during, and after the adoption process
  • Connections/support groups to other birth parents
  • Monitoring post-adoption contracts if needed

The Cost of Adoption without an Agency

If you are looking elsewhere to place your baby for adoption, there are potential costs associated with the process. By going outside of an adoption agency in the United States, you may be financially responsible for a range of services (or not have access to them at all). These items/services include: 

  • Medical services, including hospital stay and doctor appointments
  • Travel expenses to meet-up with adoptive families 
  • Legal services for severing parental rights, adoption processes, and consent issues
  • Counseling- you may not have access to any mental health support or counseling, something that many birth parents find very helpful during and after the adoption process
  • Support services from experienced, ethical, and educated adoption professionals

You may also need to cover legal fees, medical bills, and find outside counseling services on your own.  

If you are considering adoption, it is important to know that by partnering with an experienced, ethical United States adoption agency, placing your baby for adoption will cost you nothing. If you are a pregnant individual or couple in the United States looking to place your baby for adoption contact Friends in Adoption today by phone, text, or email. We’ll help you, 100% judgement free. 

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