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When Should I Make an Adoption Plan for My Baby?

If you are a pregnant individual and are considering adoption for your baby, you may feel overwhelmed. By deciding to give your baby the love and joy they need to have a happy life, you are exhibiting true courage and strength. 

Making this decision is difficult enough. Then, you’re faced with multiple small decisions. Who will the adoptive parents be? How will your hospital stay go? Will you name the baby? 

Friends in Adoption is here to help you navigate these decisions. By creating an adoption plan, you establish each step of the process and what you are comfortable with. An adoption plan is essentially your “game plan” and preferences/comfort levels for each step you experience in the adoption process. This plan should be completely focused on you. It should be all about ensuring that your voice is heard and you feel comfortable each step of the way. 

Now, when should you make an adoption plan? Ultimately, whenever you decide to place your baby with an adoptive family. This can be done at any point in your pregnancy, but the sooner this is done, the more in-detail your plan can be. There are benefits and different priorities depending on when you have made the decision to pursue adoption. Depending on when you decide to place your baby with an adoptive family, you will face different situations. 

Early Pregnancy- 0 to 4 Months

If you know adoption is the right option for you at the start of your pregnancy, you can start creating an adoption plan as soon as 1-2 months in. This comes with a number of benefits, including things like:

If you make your adoption plan early in your pregnancy, you and your adoption team can focus more on the emotional aspect of adoption. It can be more detailed, covering every component of contact after the adoption with the baby/adoptive parents, the hospital stay, and gives you more time to meet with adoptive families. 

However, by starting the plan earlier, you may need to make changes later on. After all, nothing is set in stone and decisions can change overtime. Just be aware that starting your adoption plan earlier means more time to make decisions, but also changing comfort levels or adapting to the circumstances at hand.

Mid-Pregnancy- 4 to 7 Months

Many women decide to pursue adoption around the middle of their pregnancy. This is because they have had time to communicate with the other birth parent, their families, and personally evaluate their own feelings around adoption. Again, when you create your adoption plan is entirely up to you. If you want to take a little time to make the decision, it will only help you later on. 

Benefits of starting your adoption plan now include:

  • Time to discuss with other birth parents and support network
  • Able to determine comfort levels with contact and hospital stay easier
  • Connect with adoption team
  • Meet with potential adoptive family
  • Time to tour hospitals in the area

While you will have less time to make your adoption plan decisions, you may feel more comfortable with the extra time to make a decision regarding placing your baby for adoption.

End of Pregnancy- 7 to 9 Months

Towards the end of the pregnancy, you can also begin the creation of an adoption plan. Decisions will need to made a bit quicker than if you started the plan beforehand. This is mainly due to the fact that the baby will be arriving soon. At this stage, finding your baby an adoptive family becomes a high priority. However, your adoption team will work to establish an adoption plan that fits the needs of the child and you.

While things need to move quicker at this stage, your adoption team will work with you to find the right adoptive family. We will take our time to determine the traits you want in a family and go over potential families. If you decide while giving birth, please alert a hospital employee of your decision and ask to contact Friends in Adoption as soon as you can. 

After birth infant to toddler

If you determine adoption is the right choice for the baby at the hospital, after giving birth, or a few months into the baby’s life, you can create an adoption plan at that time. Creating one at this point may be emotionally very difficult, since you have met the child and may have bonded. FIA is here to offer counseling services to help you through this difficult transition. Counseling is available anytime for birth parents, even long after the adoption has officially taken place. 

Your dedicated adoption team will communicate with you about the creation of your adoption plan. This will look a little different, focusing mainly on finding your child their perfect family and plans for contact in the future. There will be limited hospital stay information, unless you or the baby are still experiencing a need for medical attention. 

Placing the baby with an adoptive family after the birth requires great strength and courage. We honor you and your strength by ensuring your needs/comfort levels are prioritized, while we find the perfect adoptive family for the baby. Your baby will live a life you dream for them, all because of you. 

Pregnant and Looking to Place Your Baby for Adoption?
FIA Can Help You Through The Process

Whenever you decide to pursue adoption for your baby, your dedicated adoption team at Friends in Adoption will make sure your needs are met in your adoption plan. We are here to make sure you are supported and comfortable each step of the way. 

Are you a pregnant individual and considering adoption for your baby? Friends in Adoption offers free adoption services for pregnant individuals considering adoption and a dedicated adoption team to support you on this journey. Reach out to us today to begin your adoption journey.

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