Chad and Keegan at the FIA annual picnic in 2009

Kim, Chad, and Keegan: A testimonial to open adoption!

At Friends in Adoption, we love to hear stories from our alumni families.

Thanks for sharing your adoption experience, Kim and Chad!

“Before deciding on adoption, we’d been through the beginnings of fertility treatments. It was so emotional each month, that we decided that we would end the treatments and look into adoption.

From the first phone call to FIA, I felt a warm welcome to the agency and an understanding of what I was feeling. We were invited to Mary’s home to learn more about adoption, as the next weekend information session was still a couple of months away. That clinched it — FIA was going to be our partner in finding our family. Mary was so understanding and informative with all of our concerns and questions.

They and the attorney we chose made the process of becoming active very easy and quick. I liked that FIA covers all bases legally. They made sure that all legal requirements were complete and accurate and they guided us easily through the process of all paperwork required. We were extremely lucky to be matched with a terrific birthmother within a few months. Our case worker met Elise (our son’s birthmother) with us the first time and helped ease everyone’s anxiety. She was already 8 months pregnant and Keegan was born less than 9 months after we started our paperwork!

The hospital we delivered in (Elmira NY) was very understanding our of situation. They happened to have an empty room that couldn’t be used for patients because the shower was broken, so they let Chad and me use it during the time we were there. This allowed us to spend the days there with Keegan, and for our birthmother and birth grandmother to spend time with us if they wanted. This was also where we met the birthfather for the first time. It was nice to have that privacy, as he had just found out about his baby a couple of weeks before.

We chose an open adoption with pictures to be sent to the birthmother and visits to happen periodically. We have a good relationship with them; we see them about every year and a half when one of us emails and suggests a visit and we’ve been to visit the birthfather and his parents a couple of times. Our son is now 9 and has far fewer questions about his history than some of his friends who are in closed adoption situations.

I thank FIA for introducing open adoption to us.

Because things have gone so smoothly with our process, we haven’t needed to utilize FIA since the finalization, however we have attended one or two GAW workshops that Kate Burns has presented. She is a wonderful resource for information! It is nice to know that good, solid, caring places like FIA are there for both the birthmothers and adoptive parents!”

—Written by adoptive mom Kim on October of 2013

FIA takes pride in being a resource of information to help make informed decisions concerning adoption.

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