Friends in Adoption staff bring their insight to the APC Conference!

Friends in Adoption (FIA) staff had another wonderful year at the 37th Annual APC Conference!

Deirdre, Community Outreach Manager

This yearly symposium is dedicated to those who are considering adoption to grow their family, have already adopted, and for professionals and advocates in the field. Through numerous workshops, sessions and lectures, the conference is designed to educate individuals on a wide variety of adoption-related topics and to address relevant issues in the world of adoption.
This year’s keynote speaker, April Dinwoodie, a Chief Executive of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, gave a tremendous presentation about openness in adoption- “Openness in Adoption- What a Concept!” April spoke powerfully to her own experiences as a transracially adopted person and as an adoption professional. Highlighting the spectrum of secrecy and openness in adoptions, April discussed the importance of openness for adoptee’s identities. The presentation was honest, poignant, and addressed the web of relationships in adoption, and why they are all so significant for the child at the center of it all. Bringing it all back to the individuals who make up the adoption circle, April’s presentation was the perfect way to kick off the conference!
Here’s just a little sample of the many informative sessions from this year: LGBTQ+ families and adoption, transracial adoption, positive relationships with birth families, an adult adoptee panel, single parent adoption, foster adoption, home studies, international adoption, and, talking with children about adoption.
Our very own Dawn Smith-Pliner, founder and director of FIA led two amazing sessions: The Experience of Open Adoption—Panel Discussion, and, Successful Domestic Adoption: Agency vs. Independent.
In between the many sessions of the day, we had the chance to meet so many wonderful prospective parents! We met many folks from the Brooklyn area, as well as Manhattan. Several participants hailed from counties around the NYC area such as Westchester, Rockland, and New Jersey too! We loved speaking with such diverse individuals about their journeys, their hopes and of course, adoption! It was truly a pleasure meeting so many lovely folks, we wish everyone the best moving forward with their path in adoption ☺
Our bright and colorful table at the conference was another highlight for us. This year’s display proudly featured many, many photos of our amazing alumni families, as well as tall rainbow balloons and vibrant signs—making us a sure standout. What better way to show off our incredible FIA family and spread the word about compassionate adoption?
Deirdre -Community Outreach Manager
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