November is National Adoption Awareness Month

NY Organization Provides Compassionate Adoption For Over 30 Years

Approximately 125,000 children are adopted annually in the United States and it is estimated that 6 in 10 Americans have had a personal experience with adoption. National Adoption Awareness Month offers an opportunity to recognize all the people and organizations involved in the adoption process. Friends in Adoption, a licensed nonprofit agency with offices in the Albany area, was founded in 1982 by an adoptive mother, Dawn Smith-Pliner. The Friends in Adoption motto is “Our Compassion, Your Decision” and Pliner is committed to the compassionate treatment of everyone involved in the adoption process; the adoptive families and pregnant women/couples making an adoption plan. For Friends In Adoption, adoption is all about communication, education, family, and they offer many workshops to educate and inform families all about the adoption process. Workshops such as “Get Acquainted” or “We’re a Family Through Adoption….Now What?” and “Internet Networking and Its Impact on the Family of Adoption” all serve to provide support for adoptive families and couples considering adoption. Friends in Adoption also hosts an annual picnic for birth parents, adoptive parents and extended family, and adopted children of all ages. For many families, the picnic is the one time of year everyone can connect in an informal, social gathering and its popularity draws hundreds of people. As a full adoption agency with a mission to educate, Friends in Adoption offers outreach services to medical, clinical, educational, and legal professionals. An Adoption Training workshop for healthcare and counseling professionals is offered free of charge at the requesting facility. The workshop provides support for discussing adoption as an option for unplanned pregnancies. Free brochures and information packets are available for organizations with contact with pregnant women/couples. Services are free for anyone considering adoption as an option and making an adoption plan. For further information and workshop schedules, contact, or call 1.800.982.3678. In conjunction with National Adoption Awareness Month, the Adoptive Parents Committee (APC) will present the 31th Annual Adoptive Parents Committee National Conference in New York on November 20th. This conference serves to promote awareness and understanding of adoption and parenting issues. Dawn Smith-Pliner of Friends in Adoption will present several workshops.
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