Your Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy is WORKING!!

Please keep it up and if you haven’t helped out yet, please do!

The time to make a few calls is now. It won’t take much time but those calls have a great effect. Members of Congress act on issues when they believe those issues matter to their constituents. Now that the adoption tax credit is under threat, your three members of Congress need to understand how important this tax credit is to adoptive families. The more you reach out to them and tell your story, the better.

Thanks to YOU and your grassroots efforts, WE are making a difference!

Adoption Tax CreditsWhat is the Current Status of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit?  Wasn’t the adoption tax credit made permanent with the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012? Yes. That law, signed in 2013, included a provision that it be made permanent. While this was a huge victory, “permanent” only means that it does not have a set expiration date. It does not mean that the credit is safe from elimination – especially in the context of the tax reform discussions Congress is undertaking.

Those who are proposing eliminating the adoption tax credit cite the money that will be saved if the credit is removed. Our voices about the positive impact of the credit need to drown out this opposition.

Another really important point is that the fiscal cliff bill did not make the adoption tax credit refundable, so it only benefits those adoptive families who have federal income tax liability. The refundability bills in the U.S. House and Senate (H.R. 2144/S.1056) would make the credit refundable and ensure that all families can benefit from the credit. Right now co-sponsorship of these bills is the best way for Members of Congress to show their support for adoption and the tax credit.

Are you able to take a few minutes to make some calls? Please engage with your three Members of Congress by calling each of their offices to talk about the importance of the adoption tax credit. Use their websites (Go to and to locate the phones numbers for their Washington, D.C. offices. When you reach the staff member who handles the tax or child welfare portfolio in the office, explain why the credit is important to your family and ask the Member to co-sponsor the refundability bills (H.R. 2144/S.1056) and make protection of the credit a priority.

Thank you!!

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