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Help FIA Advocate for a Permanent & Refundable Adoption Tax Credit

Article Published on November 3, 2015

Let’s help U.S. Representative Danny Davis and U.S. Representative Diane Black to spread the word that#adoption is an important family building option and should be available to everyone. Join the #ATCStorm at 4PM tomorrow. #PassHR2434 #PassS950

The goal of the #ATCStorm is to trend on Twitter before and during the briefing on Wed, Nov 4th from 4:00-5:00 p.m. EST. A LOT of activity will show Congress that we are truly passionate about passing the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act (S. 950/H.R. 2434).

How can you help?

  1. Tweet at Members of Congress with #ATCStorm, #PassHR2434, and #PassS950 before and on Nov 4th
  2. Contact Members of Congress by Twitter, email, letter, and/or phone to ask them to cosponsor the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act (S. 950/H.R. 2434)
  3. Retweet all posts that have the hashtag #ATCStorm

Thank you in advance for your advocacy in an effort to strengthen families through the ATC. #ATCStorm #PassHR2434 #PassS950


How can our representatives in Congress best protect the adoption tax credit?

The best way for our elected officials to show their willingness to help protect the adoption tax credit  is to cosponsor the refundability bills  S.1056 and H.R.2144!

Congressman Camp’s tax reform proposal eliminates the adoption tax credit. Your outreach is therefore that much more critical. While his particular proposal may never go anywhere, it has now become the basis from which tax reform discussions will begin. We need to ensure that we have vocal Members of Congress who will fight on behalf of the adoption tax credit and ensure its protection. And the best way to get Members engaged is by hearing from constituents about the importance of an issue. Don’t let the adoption tax credit be threatened by a lack of vocal outreach from families like yours.

Why is a refundable credit important and how do the bills relate to the overall goal of protecting the credit?

In 2012, Congress took a huge step forward in making the adoption tax credit a permanent part of the code, but failed to include the refundability provisions that would have ensured it benefitted all children in need of permanent homes. In response, Senators Casey, Blunt and Landrieu, and Congressmen Bruce Braley and Rob Wittman introduced S.1056 and H.R.2144 to make the credit refundable and ensure that all families are able to benefit from the credit regardless of income. Some families will never be able to adopt without the benefit of the adoption tax credit while others will adopt, but won’t benefit at all from the tax credit, which means they may face challenges in meeting their children’s needs. The reason for this inequity is simple: A non-refundable tax credit is useless to families who have limited or no tax liability. If we increase low- and moderate-income families’ access to the credit, we make adoption possible for more waiting children.

How can you help FIA and others advocate for a permanent and refundable Adoption Tax Credit? Social Media Outreach is a great way to engage with your three Members of Congress.

Follow your Senators and House Reps on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Use social media to connect with your Members and ask for their support cosponsoring the refundability bills and protecting the Adoption Tax Credit (make sure to reference the bill numbers S.1056 and H.R.2144). The more your Members hear from you, the better. If they are already a bill co-sponsor, thank them (template here) for their dedication to adoption issues and use social media to let others in your community know of their support.

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