One Final Call to Action – Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

Thank you to all who have participated in the Grassroots Advocacy Campaign to Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

One final call to action!

In this last week of our grassroots campaign, please check and see which Members of Congress have become cosponsors of S.1056 and H.R.2144. This is a chance to thank those representatives who are supporting the bill! Please tell them how important this credit is to your family and how much you appreciate their fighting to protect it. (View a sample thank you letter.)

If your own elective representative(s) are not yet co-sponsors of the legislation, consider sending a picture of your family in honor of Mother’s Day this past weekend, or in recognition of Father’s Day coming up next month.  If you are comfortable, consider including pictures of your family to help bring the issue alive for the Members of Congress and their staff. You can use this handy tool to personalize and automatically send a letter to your three Members of Congress.

You can find contact information for your two Senators and one Representative at and

If your members of Congress respond, please share their responses with us at

For more advocacy tips, visit

Please Share, Thank You!