Adult Adoptees May Request Copies of Original Birth Certificates Beginning July 2012

Amendments to state law (R.I. Gen. Laws Sections 15-7, 23-3-1, 23-3-15) passed in July 2011 will allow Rhode Island-born adoptees age 25 and older to receive non-certified copies of their original, unaltered birth certificates from the State Office of Vital Records. (Non-certified copies of vital records are for informational purposes only and cannot be used for legal proof of identity, citizenship, or as a substitute for an official birth certificate.) The State Office maintains sealed files of pre-adoption birth certificates … Read More

Birth certificates and the right to know

Should adoptees have access to birth parents or should birth parents’ anonymity be protected? The birth certificates of children who were given up for adoption have been locked up in metal filing cabinets in most states since the earlier part of this century—neither the adoptees, adopted parents, nor birth parents have access to them. Within the past few years, however, six states have passed legislation to open sealed birth certificates to all parties involved. For decades, adoptees have fought nation-wide … Read More

Not the Mama Day

Dear Friend, Happy “Not the Mama” Day??  That’s the greeting my partner, Todd, and I give to each other every Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. (Not the mama being a tired joke from that old ABC show “Dinosaurs”) It too was meant as a joke, but it was also our reminder that we shouldn’t focus on our gender or whether biology links us to our kids.  Father’s Day  (and Mother’s Day) is not a day to celebrate one parent or … Read More

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