Please HELP Make Adoption Tax Credit Permanent!

Friends in Adoption (FIA) is a member organization of The Adoption Tax Credit Working Group. We are helping to spread the word about the need for continued advocacy for a PERMANENT, REFUNDABLE adoption tax credit through a Grassroots Advocacy Campaign. Please help!

The Goal? The Adoption Tax Credit Working Group (ATCWG) would like to obtain 30 Co-Sponsors on the Adoption Tax Credit (ATC) Refundability Bills: S. 1056 and H.R. 2144 in 100 days.

Why the urgency? Tax discussions are underway in the House and Senate and we need to keep the adoption tax credit top-of-mind with legislators and staff. The best way to do that is to demonstrate to legislators that their constituents care about this issue. Additionally, because refundability was not included in the bill that made the Credit permanent, many adoptive families are still not able to receive this critical support, a fact which some Members of Congress may not yet be aware.

What is “tax reform” and how does it relate to the adoption tax credit?

For the past several years, key Members of Congress have been calling for the U.S. tax code to be reformed and simplified. If tax reform occurs, ALL existing tax credits or policies, including the now permanent adoption tax credit, would be subject to review and there is always a chance that it could be changed or eliminated. The House Committee on Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees (the two committees with jurisdiction over tax policy) have begun their review of the U.S. tax code and have signaled their interest in continuing to determine which of the existing credits should be eliminated. In order to ensure that the adoption tax credit not only remains a permanent part of the code but is amended to add back in refundability in order to serve the needs of all children in need of adoption, Members of Congress need to be educated about how this credit is affecting you and your family. To learn more about tax reform, go to or

Call to Action: Get educated by visiting the ATC website, reading the FAQ section, and “liking” ATC on Facebook for frequent updates: Please also spread the word with your friends and family who would want to join in the fight to protect the adoption tax credit.

Thank you!!

The upcoming second session of the 113th Congress is a great time to advocate for preserving and improving the existing adoption tax credit – and helping our representatives understand how this tax credit impacts children! Because the current tax credit is not refundable, not all adoptive families are able to benefit from it. Improving the current structure will enable more children to find the loving homes they need and deserve!

Please join in our grassroots efforts to encourage widespread bipartisan support for the permanent, refundable adoption tax credit! In the next 100 days, CCAI member organizations like FIA will be asking our network of families to become active in garnering support in both the Senate and House to co-sponsor the bill for a permanent, refundable adoption tax credit.

Thank you for doing your part by writing a letter or email or calling your elected representatives! Please spread the word!

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